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YouTube is very crowded, but SmartTVs AppStores still have limited content. SmartTV apps that feature your videos let you get discovered easily – and earn up to 10X more. It’s instant, it’s Zero effort, and it’s free!

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 Grow your subscriber base

Smart TV users who look for content in the TV’s AppStore (Roku, LG, FireTV, AppleTV etc) easily discover your content and instantly subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Make more money

BrightVideo is not intended to replace YouTube; it is an easy way to make extra revenue. We pay you up to 3X your existing YouTube RPM.

User Engagement and Retention

Your channel has a dedicated icon on the user’s TV menu. Think of it as a bookmark. This makes it easy for users to come back for more. 

It's easy, and you can stop anytime!

Your effort? Zero.

You don’t need to change your workflow in any way. Bright Video takes your content directly from YouTube.

No commitment

If you decide to stop for any reason, simply let us know and we will remove your content or your app from the AppStores.

Automatic payments

You can get paid via PayPal or wire transfer every month.

No personal data is ever collected

At no point is a user’s personal data ever collected by us or any of the fully-vetted and monitored businesses.

Fully vetted companies

Business leaders including Fortune500 companies will route secure traffic through your users' devices allowing them to level the playing field in their respective industries by collecting fully compliant open-source data.

Ethical usage

We constantly monitor our network activity. We only approve use cases that comply with our strict 'Know Your Customer' compliance standards.

Giving back

We make our networks available to non- profits, universities and research institutions who use these data sets as a crucial part of their medical solutions and social projects.

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