About Bright SDK

Our Team

Meet the team behind the Bright SDK. Each with their professional experience , each with their childhood dreams (hover over the pictures ). And together- we are here to ensure successful sustainable partnerships that add value to app developers and their end users, every day.

Ariel Shulman
VP Corporate Development
Wanted to be an engineer
Ofir Meir
Director of Bright SDK Group
Wanted to be a policeman
Guy Dvir
Partnerships Team Lead
Wanted to be a pilot
Benny Fogel
Growth Partnerships Manager
Wanted to be a pro basketball player
Dmitrii Artishchev
SDK R&D Team Leader
Wanted to be a race driver
Lital Ami
Senior Partnership Manager
Wanted to be a singer
Roey Shenberg
Partnership Manager
Wanted to be professional wrestler
Dani Rovin
Partnership Manager
Wanted to be a rockstar
Noa Vilenski
Product Manager
Wanted to be a nurse
Sergio Rezvani
SDK Product Manger
Wanted to be a rock star
Vladislav Sokolov
SDK Technical Account Manager
Wanted to be a a cosmonaut
Ricardo Seixas
Support Manager for B2C products
Wanted to be a truck driver and a firefighter
Alona Sofer Mesika
SDK Project Manager
Wanted to be a Lawyer
Shaiann Blumen Hadar
SDK Project Manager
Wanted to be a doctor

We believe in:


At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to clarity and openness. It is our commitment to share who we are, what we do, and why we do it. This ensures that our stakeholders are informed and confident in our actions and intentions.

Value exchange

True partnerships are built on mutual benefits.
We seek collaborations where everyone, from our partners to the end users, experiences tangible value and gains.  This shared success is the cornerstone of every relationship we cultivate.


Remaining at technology’s forefront is not just our aim – it’s our ethos. We are inherently agile, always on the lookout for emerging technologies. Wherever there is a new digital frontier, we are there, empowering developers to optimize and monetize their creations.


We prioritize seamless and effortless integration.
With comprehensive, user-friendly guides and the unwavering support by our dedicated partnership team, we ensure that joining us and monetizing your app is a smooth and straightforward process.

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