Why choose Bright SDK? We increase your total revenue!

Bright SDK creates a new revenue stream for developers. The even better news is that it’s on top of any current revenue sources you might have today. The cake just got bigger!

Shooting ourselves in the foot? Why we willingly killed 10% of our network

Bright Data believes in transparent and ethical practices, especially when it comes to dealing with users who make up its Residential peer network. To ensure compliance, we use advanced monitoring protocols and partner with top anti-virus companies. Sometimes, we make decisions which might seem a little crazy, like cutting out parts of our own network. That is what this post is about.

Bright SDK is now a Unity Verified solution!

Unity is an amazing game development platform that allows developers to create new games easily – not surprisingly – it is used by most iOS game developers! Bright SDK increases revenue from games on top of existing ad revenue. A single opt-in to Bright SDK can be like viewing a $200CPM ad, and sometimes even […]

Win the Game!

Advance onto the next level of earning from your app..

Best practices for maximizing revenue

Learn how to maximize the number of your daily active users by integrating Bright SDK to your app.

Case study: FreeSnippingTool and Microsoft Windows

Free Snipping Tool offers broader functionality than the integrated tool offered by Microsoft Windows.

Case study: Pac-Maze

Pac-Maze is a classic, retro game known by anyone who owned an Atari or who enjoyed playing coin-operated game machines in the 1980’s. It is a simple and addictive game, now available on LG Smart TVs.

Bright SDK White paper: No compromises regarding end-user privacy!

Our new white paper explains how Bright SDK does not track the user in any way.